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Site Speed Improvement Advice from WebBoar Experts

Our experts have analysed this website looking specifically at load times, the structure of pages, elements that could be compressed such as images, HTML documents and CSS files and so on. They found that some features of the site are preventing pages from loading as quickly as they might. Fixing these problems could lead to the pages loading much faster, giving you a higher CTR and better sales results.
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It takes ~1.16 seconds to fully load hootstaff.com.

The webpage loads level by level, not all at one time. Here is the sequence which causes the longest load time:
# URL Load Time (sec.)
1 http://hootstaff.com/ 1.16

Tip: Try to exclude the biggest/slowest-loading files - on failing this, ensure that they load first.

The best way to decrease page size is to enable compression from your server's settings. We've analyzed hootstaff.com to give you an overview of the current compression methods which are used:
# Compression Amount Of Elements
 gzip 1
Compression currently saves 1,594 bytes for every visitor to the domain.

In the table below we show how hootstaff.com content is shared between different file types:
File Type Size (Bytes)
HTML 1,314

Total time required to load all files individually:
File Type Time (sec.)
HTML 1.16 s.

Tip: Try to use only 1 subdomain (e.g. www.hootstaff.com) at any time. The only exception to this rule occurs when you need to share a load between two or more servers.

Hootstaff.com Pages By Load Sequence

Load time in seconds
Size (Kb)

Loading started on 0.00 sec. and ended at 1.16