Asfaleies-gr.com Optimization Advice

Asfaleies-gr.com Optimization Advice from WebBoar Experts

Paying attention to network & HTML optimization can make your website significantly faster. Learn what our experts think of this website's present optimization status.

Combine CSS, Images & JavaScript files

Tip: JMerge is a simple web application which combines JavaScript files.

JavaScript files are loaded one after another by the browser. There is a certain response time for each request that varies depending on the number of visitors, internet connection speed and the server's location. We recommend combining JavaScript files into a single one so as to reduce your request number and so decrease your page load time.
Below is the summary for asfaleies-gr.com that can help you to decrease your page load time by combining your JavaScript files into a single file:
2 scripts found. <expand>

Tip: Use the CSS sprites technique.

To reduce the number of HTTP requests made by a browser, you can also combine images into one file.
We've found this website to have many images on the same domain:
39 images found. <expand>

Files which may be compressed.

Tip: Use a 'deflate' module on your web server to enable on-the-fly compression.

Some files at asfaleies-gr.com website can be compressed, but they currently aren't. Let's see what would the advantage be if 'zip' or 'deflate' compressions were enabled:
http://asfaleies-gr.com/ [html] size can be decreased by 15 to 5.8 Kb.
http://asfaleies-gr.com/js/jquery.js [script] size can be decreased by 37.4 to 15.6 Kb.
http://asfaleies-gr.com/js/easySlider1.5.js [script] size can be decreased by 2.9 to 1.4 Kb.
http://www.asfaleies-gr.com/livezilla/image.php?id=05 [img] size can be decreased by 0.1 to 9.1 Kb.