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Using network & HTML optimization techniques can make your website significantly faster. Find out what our experts think of this website's present optimization status.

Combine CSS, Images & JavaScript files

Tip: Use JMerge, which is a simple web application, to combine your JavaScript files.

JavaScript files are loaded one after another by the browser. There is a certain response time for each request that varies depending on the number of visitors, internet connection speed and the server's location. We recommend combining JavaScript files into a single one to reduce your request number and so decrease your page load time.
Below is the summary for with recommendations on how you can reduce your page load time and optimize your website performance:
2 scripts found. <expand>

Tip: Use the CSS sprites technique to combine images on your site.

To reduce the number of HTTP requests made by a browser, you can combine all the images into one file.
We've found this website to have many images on the same domain; see the report below for details of these:
55 images found. <expand>

Files which may be compressed.

Tip: Use a 'deflate' module on your web server to enable on-the-fly compression.

This is a capability based on HTTP compression which allows better use of the available bandwidth for transmission. Some files at website could be compressed but currently aren't. See below what the benefits in load speed would be if 'zip' or 'deflate' compressions were enabled: [html] size can be decreased by 64.8 to 6.9 Kb. [script] size can be decreased by 50.4 to 25.5 Kb. [script] size can be decreased by 151.2 to 48.3 Kb. [css] size can be decreased by 27.5 to 5.7 Kb.