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Capitoni.com WebBoar Website Analysis

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Capitoni.com IP information:

The IP belongs to ISP ARUBA S.P.A

Web Hosting Information:

Along the last month the amount of websites hosted at ARUBA S.P.A increased by 2,589 website(s) from 438,556 to 441,145.

Domain MX Information:

Mail eXchanger #1: mx.capitoni.com [1 domain on this MX]

Domain Nameserver Information:

Nameserver #1: dns2.technorail.com [309388 domains on this NS]
Nameserver #2: dns4.arubadns.cz [142868 domains on this NS]
Nameserver #3: dns.technorail.com [309390 domains on this NS]
Nameserver #4: dns3.arubadns.net [142867 domains on this NS]

Location information:

Country: ITALY
Server location:

Traffic, Backlink, HTML Validity and Language Information:

The index page contains 33 outbound link(s) to other websites.
The page language has been identified as Italian.
Google Analytics account: UA-5672344.
Domains using the same Google Analytics account: azagriturismo.com, capescina.com, donnaurora.com, grondino.com, losterpo.com [check all 12 domains using UA-5672344 account]