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Harprathmik.gov.in WebBoar Website Analysis

Harprathmik.gov.in IP information:

The IP belongs to ISP NICNET INDIA
ISP domain: AP.NIC.IN

Web Hosting Information:

Along the last month the amount of websites hosted at NICNET INDIA didn't change. There are 422 website(s) hosted at NICNET INDIA

Domain Nameserver Information:

Nameserver #1: ns1.nic.in [232 domains on this NS]
Nameserver #2: ns7.nic.in [216 domains on this NS]
Nameserver #3: ren.nic.in [94 domains on this NS]

Location information:

Country: INDIA
Region: DELHI
Server location:

Traffic, Backlink, HTML Validity and Language Information:

Server response time: 0.00 sec.
The index page contains 4 outbound link(s) to other websites.
On checking the validity of the HTML code, there appear to be 38 error(s) NO warnings.
The page language has been identified as English.

HTML Errors & Warnings History: