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Email Summary:
258,510 domains are linked to joonmedia.net owner's email .
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266,102 domains are linked to joonmedia.net owner's phone .
Name Summary:
111,786 domains are linked to joonmedia.net owner's name .
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Domain MX Information:

Mail eXchanger #1: mx00.1and1.com [2,071,011 domains on this MX]
Mail eXchanger #2: mx01.1and1.com [2,098,122 domains on this MX]

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Our information shows that the average traffic count for this website is 220000 unique visitors per month.
There are also 696 backlinks from the other websites to this domain.
Server response time: 0.00 sec.
The index page contains 234 outbound link(s) to other websites.
On checking the validity of the HTML code, there appear to be 59 error(s) NO warnings.
Google AdSense account: pub-3108939550989532.
Domains using the same Google AdSense account: joonmedia.com
Google Analytics account: UA-1131480.
Domains using the same Google Analytics account: joonmedia.com, mykoreandrama.com

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